30 Percent ruling check

If an employee complies with a number of specific conditions it is possible (after approval from the Tax Authorities) to pay thirty percent of the fiscal income free of tax. This so-called 30%-ruling exists for employees recruited from abroad with specific expertise that is hardly available on the Dutch labour market. On top of that the ruling can bring some additional advantages for the employee.


Our tax consultants can indicate what the exact benefits are for each specific case and how large the chance of success of the application is, as a result of which a good assessment can be made whether it is advisable to put the procedure into motion for a specific employee and which fee will be charged for our assistance. We offer this 30%-ruling check on a no cure no pay basis.


Thank you for using our 30% ruling check.

Our tax experts will analyze the information you provided and see if you are eligible for a tax refund. Now we only need a valid e-mail address to send the results to.